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The Master of Disaster

*Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) is a general term I am using for both electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic radiation.

If toxins were villains, EMF* would be known as the “Master of Disaster”.  We are naive to the invisible health hazards and yet in many ways, EMF’s can be devastating to our health.

Some people are hypersensitive to EMF’s and can tell when they are in the presence of them by the symptoms they experience; this is a small percentage of the population.  There are others who cannot tell or don’t know they are sensitive but do have all the symptoms associated with the condition known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS).

For most of us, we are unaware of the dense electromagnetic smog we are living in now a days.  We can’t see, hear, taste, touch or smell these invisible waves.

Many people will say, YOU ARE CRAZY!!! for expressing concern because they can’t detect EMF’s with their senses.  Honestly, I can understand the disbelief but everyone needs to realize this invisible toxin, whether they feel it or not, is affecting everyone’s health and well being!

Dr. Martin Blank, PhD, Columbia University has said, “We don’t feel this radiation and we think it’s not doing anything, but it’s a very potent biological agent.”

EMF is considered a “master toxin” by many experts because of it’s ability to magnify the effects of other toxins in our system.

There are numerous ways in which EMF can play a hidden role in disease.

Here are 3 examples of how EMF can cause harm:

1.  It can compromise the protective blood/brain barrier allowing toxins and pathogens to enter the brain.

2.  It causes double strand breaks in DNA which can lead to cancers and genetic damage.

3.  EMF’s can disrupt intercellular communication.  Our cells use weak electrical impulses to communicate with each other and in the presence of powerful man-made EMF’s, cellular communication is overpowered and the cells shut down to protect themselves, leading to a cascade of health effects.

Chronic exposure to EMF’s can do a lot of harm to our health as adults.  But consider for a moment children and infants who are generally more vulernable to the effects of any toxin…  Can you imagine how much greater and more profound the impact would be on a baby’s health?  And if there are additional toxic exposures in the presence of EMF, it becomes an overwhelming assault to their system.

I don’t think it’s easy to see the connection between EMF’s and health because we can’t detect it with our senses.  It really is the “Master of Disaster” in many cases.